Learn about our flexible micro- & nanoimprint stamps

Our state-of-the-art stamp technology is key for a cost effective R2P nanoimprint process

We develop and produce flexible stamps

The flex stamp is critical in the imprinting process. It contains the structure and is therefore essential for the quality of your product. At Morphotonics, we produce flex stamps according to the highest standards.

We produce flex stamps for testing, development, prototyping and for mass-production of your nanoimprinted products. Our stamps are durable and cost effective, they have a demonstrated lifetime of more than 1000 imprints.








What is a flexible stamp?

A flex stamp (sometimes called soft mold, master film or template) is a flexible sheet which has the inverse of the desired structure on its surface. The size of the flex stamp is usually slightly larger than the substrates that are imprinted with this stamp. Therefore, the size of the stamp is limited; it is not a long rolled up film. The limited size makes it easy to handle, transport and to exchange in our machines.

The nanoimprint stamps are flexible to conform to the surface of the substrates and transparent to UV to enable curing through the stamp. Our stamps have no adhesion to the imprint resist, ensuring good seperation after curing and a high reusability factor of the stamp.

Key benefits of our flex stamps

  • Durable and cost effective: reusable more than 1000 times
  • Alignment markers for accurate positioning of the pattern on the product
  • Manageable dimensions: one person can handle and change stamps
  • Better control of product quality
  • Easy to adjust for product updates or variations
  • Various types of and shapes of master can be used to make flex stamps
  • Sustainable: no/little waste
  • Very high lateral dimension stability









Dimensions according to your design

For high-end applications it is
crucial that the lateral dimensions
of the imprinted structure closely
match the design.

Conventional flex stamps suffer from deviations in lateral dimensions when temperature, humidity or tension changes even slightly. When imprinting on large areas these deviations can be devastating for final product quality.

For these demanding applications we have developed a special class of flex
stamps which exhibit a very high dimensional stability, which is close to that of glass.

Images of our flex stamps




Imprint machines

From our stand-alone nanoimprint machine for low volume production “Portis”, to our state-of-the-art imprint platform for mass production: Aurora.

Imprint stamps

We develop and produce our high-end durable flex stamps ourselves. We assist in optimizing them during the R&D process to fulfill your requirements.

Imprint materials

The performance of your product and nanostructure is highly dependable on the quality of the UV resin or resist that is used for the imprint.

Competence centre

Together we engineer the best imprinting solutions for your application. We create samples for testing or even custom made prototypes to wow your clients.