UV curable lacquer and coating

We develop a nanoimprint resin that meets all your requirements

Morphotonics Materials

Our imprint lacquers and resins are developed and produced by our subsidiary: Morphotonics Materials.

The imprint liquids are fully developed for the UV imprint process. Therefore, our lacquers are specially formulated for high-resolution, high speed imprinting using our roll-to-plate nanoimprinting process. UV curing is preferably done using UVLEDS so the material needs to be optimized for this.

Additionally, the lacquer needs to be compatible with the coating process. We have experience with several types of coating processes. Each coating method comes with specific requirements. We can help in finding the right combination of material properties.





Special material requirements

Each application has its own specific requirements. From our experience with several applications we can already offer materials with special properties, such as:

  • High temperature stability
  • High clarity
  • Outdoor resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Anti-adhesion
  • High refractive index

If you have another special requirement, we can help and develop a custom material to meet your needs.




Consumables for your application

For each application the resin (UV curable material) needs to fulfill specific requirements. Since the cured resin remains in the product during the product life, its optical and mechanical properties, adhesion and stability are crucial. Morphotonics can advise, select and supply materials suitable for your application.







Imprint machines

From our stand-alone R&D nanoimprint machine called “Morpho Portis”, to our state-of-the-art GEN3 imprint line for mass production.

Imprint stamps

We develop and produce our high-end durable flex stamps ourselves. We assist in optimizing them during the R&D process to fulfill your requirements.

Imprint materials

The performance of your product and nanostructure is highly dependable on the quality of the resin or lacquer that is used for the imprint.


Together we engineer the best imprinting solutions for your application. We create samples for testing or even custom made prototypes to wow your clients.