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Micro- and nanostructures can enhance the photonic properties of a surface. We develop and apply a large range of micro- and nanostructures for all kinds of applications.

Roll-to-plate nanoimprint

Our roll-to-plate (R2P) technology uses an advanced reusable flexible stamp and can be used for imprinting structures on small and large surfaces.

Flex stamps

We create stamps for the roll-to-plate imprinting process. The flex stamp is used as a masterfilm and rolled into the resin to fabricate the patterned product.

Research & Development

Our engineers gladly work together with you to develop the best textures, stamps, samples, imprinting tools and materials for your application


From small to tiny, from micro to nano

Everybody knows what a lens can do. It can focus light, it can magnify the image of an object. Basically, it manipulates light to achieve a certain purpose. Now imagine thousands of tiny lenses, indistinguishable by the naked eye, packed together in a thin layer on a surface. That is what we call a micropatterned light management layer. If you would shrink these micro lenses further, you end up with nanostructures that manipulate light in a completely different way. These layers with micro- and nanopatterns can benefit various types of products, from solar panels to 3D displays.

Next to optical effects, micro- and nanostructures can affect many other properties, for example the way a surface feels, how a water droplet runs off it or how air flows over it.

Morphotonics enables these structures and applications by applying them to large surfaces in a cost effective way.